Investing with Purpose

Our solutions are built to target specific investment goals and objectives. Find out if your goals match our solutions!

Investment Advisors

Entrust Investment Services provides Third-Party Asset Management services to Registered Investment Advisors (RIA) and their Investment Advisor Representatives (IAR). These services allow RIA and IAR professionals the ability to use Entrust Investment Services proprietary investment portfolios for the benefit of their clients. This benefit is gained through a Third-Party Asset Management agreement.

Private Clients

Entrust Investment Services private client division provides a wide range of services, benefits, and special attention and care. Entrust Investment Services reserves the right to accept or deny on a case-by-case basis. This program is not specific only to the net worth of the client, but must also be a match for our team. This is Entrust Investment Services premier offering. Read more to find out more about what benefits Private Clients receive.

Investment Clients

Entrust Investment Services may directly invest an individual, joint, business, or trust account. These accounts may be managed directly by Entrust Investment Services. Investment Clients enjoy the benefit of having their portfolio tailored to match their specific needs and goals, period review visits with an Entrust Investment Advisor, and many other benefits. Read more to learn about other benefits and services our clients recieve.
Our Competitive Advantage

What Makes Entrust Different?

In a world of "custom" planning and "holistic" services, what makes Entrust Investment Services Unique?

Custom Investment Strategy

At Entrust, we build portfolios that are tailored to fit your specific needs and goals. We believe that an investment portfolio should be a response to questions like:

1. How much income do you need?
2. How much income do you want?
3. How much of your portfolio will be dedicated to inflation risk?
4. How much of your income will be taxed?
5. Should your portfolio be customized to increase your tax efficiency?

These questions are the beginning of developing a custom tailored investment portfolio solution!

Focus on Portfolio Cash Flow

Cash flow is the lifeblood of businesses, households, countries, charities, governments and more.

At Entrust Investment Services you will have a portfolio that is designed specifically to fit your unique risk tolerance and cash flow requirements.

No Model Portfolios

The utilization of "Model Portfolios" which often are built to satisfy risk tolerance requirements and time horizon requirements has become standard in the world of Investment Advisory.

At Entrust Investment Services we feel that model portfolios often fail to provide an adequate level of individuation. Our portfolios are customized for each individual client to address the widely ranging needs that most people have.

Entrust Investment Services has identified 14 individualizing factors that can reasonably be expected to affect how a portfolio should be constructed.