Registered Investment Advisors

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Exclusive Portfolios

Get access to Entrust Investment Services portfolio strategies for your clients.

Entrust Investment Services provides Third-Party Asset Management services to Registered Investment Advisors (RIA) and their Investment Advisor Representatives (IAR). These services allow RIA and IAR professionals the ability to use Entrust Investment Services proprietary investment portfolios for the benefit of their clients. This benefit is gained through a Third-Party Asset Management agreement.

Common Questions

We have the ability to work with many custodians but Schwab is currently the primary Custodian that we work with. If you'd like to see if we have a specific custodial access please call


The value of Entrust Investment Services is as much in the trading of the client's accounts to ensure that the strategies are functioning in a way that is in your client's best interest.  This is not ETF model investing. These strategies utilize trading on sometimes thinly traded securities. It is vital to the integrity of the portfolio that detailed and specified investing decisions are made on your and your clients' behalf.

Our fees range from 0.25% to as much as 1%. Generally 0.25% is for fixed income and monthly rebalanced stock portfolios. 0.50% is for weekly rebalanced portfolios and portfolios that implement option strategies. 1% fees would be for individualized portfolio construction and portfolios that require specified tax management sensitivity.

Kyle McCauley & Robert Trejo are our lead portfolio managers and have more than 20 years of combined experience. Both Kyle and Robert understand the value of individualized portfolio management, and have constructed their portfolio management style to include scalability in an effort to expand their offerings to clients across the U.S. This expansion has been made possible through custodial access with Schwab, and direct Third-Party Asset Management agreements with other firms.

Both Kyle McCauley and Robert Trejo have extensive experience in working with new prospective clients to educate and explain strategies in a way that is accurate and compelling. If you wish to request Kyle or Robert to join you on a client call, please reach out to our team directly at

Account minimums vary based upon the investment strategy being implemented. For more information on our account minimums please refer to our fact sheet for the invidividual strategy.

In general, our account minimum is going to be $50,000 on the low end for an individual stock portfolio, to as much as $300,000 for an options portfolio.